Phaze Concrete Gains Praise From Government for Treatment of Employees

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When the government takes notice of your progress in employment treatment, you know you are doing a great job. That’s the case with Phaze Concrete, a construction company based in Utah.

The concrete construction firm started as a company taking small jobs throughout the states of Utah and Nevada. But after many years, the company has grown into the leading concrete firm in the western part of the country.

While Phaze Concrete does a remarkable job on the worksite, it’s how they treat their employees that have agencies turning their heads. Also, government entities are taking notice and providing the company as an example of their policies.

While many companies throughout the construction industry focus on helping employees complete the work required on the job, Phaze Concrete takes it two steps further. Plus, these policies have led to an exceptional work atmosphere and distinction in safety ratings on the job.

“As a whole, we do not want our workers simply coming to work, earning a paycheck, and go home,” says a company spokesperson. “We want our workers to improve their lives in every way possible. That’s why we offer these programs.”

First, the GED Readiness Program has become one of the company’s staples when it comes to services offered to employees. The most forward-thinking move by the concrete construction industry provides any employee courses, textbooks, and tutoring for those wanting to earn their GED.

Also, the program is not just for the employees of Phaze Concrete. The program’s offerings extend to the families of the workers. The company has made a commitment to the employees and families by assisting in bettering their lives.

“Earning a GED can open many opportunities for our workers and their families,” adds the company spokesperson. “Because these employees work hard on our job sites, it’s only right we supply the means to help them in any way with their GED.”

Best of all, if an employee enrolls in the GED Readiness Program, they can continue to work their regular hours with the company. This policy allows workers to earn their paycheck still, but take the required classes and studying to pass the GED exam.

“We yearn for our workers to have a valuable experience while working with Phaze Concrete,” says the company spokesperson. “Also, when an employee works with Phaze, they are family. That’s why we extend the GED Readiness Program to all family members.”

But the program that has the Department of Labor taking notice is the apprenticeship application. Phaze Concrete put together the plan and partnered with the Department of Labor’s Department of Apprenticeships. The sector incorporates theoretical and practical work. Thus, helping younger workers gain the knowledge and skill needed to succeed in the construction industry.

“There is no better way for a young employee to learn the construction trade than on-site experience,” says the company spokesperson. “Becoming a member of the program allows each young worker the opportunity to learn from one of our many experienced, exceptional team members.”

United States Government Recognizes Phaze Concrete’s Work

The Department of Labor recognizes Phaze Concrete‘s program as one of over 37,000 apprenticeships across the nation. The company reports that 26 workers currently are enrolled in the cement mason apprenticeship.

Because of the programs available to workers, it has produced great work and a happy atmosphere at the worksite. Also, safety has always been a priority for Phaze Concrete.

In turn, the company’s Experience Modification (EMOD) rating stands at 0.72 percent, which sets the bar for the concrete construction industry. Workers are getting the job done on time, but also with no injuries or accidents.

To learn more about Phaze Concrete and their services, visit their website.

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