Getting to Know Phaze Concrete from the Ground Up

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Each company has a certain persona. Like an individual person, the persona of an overall company is cultivated by a lifetime of experiences. Younger companies can be green in areas where older companies develop their own strengths over time. The situation of the company, from day one, plays a role in the future of the company. The foundation is as important to its success as the employees and customers. The successes and lessons the company has along the way also help to shape the company.

Fortunately, Phaze Concrete is fortunate in many aspects of their lifespan. From the conception of Phaze Concrete to its continual success, the company has strived. That is why the company is pleased to express the root of their success from the ground up. Here are the main reasons the company attributes to their success:

Family Values

Phaze Concrete is a family-owned and operated business. Of course, there are many wonderful employees that contribute to the daily operation of the company. However, the backbone of the company is the family values that help it strive. In addition to having traditional family ties supporting the business, the employees are also vital in upholding the business. The employees are loyal and well-suited for their jobs. The company does its best to ensure each employee enjoys what they do. This show of family values within the workplace encourages people to want to do their best.

Versatile Portfolio

Phaze Concrete also offers a versatile portfolio of unique projects. While overall specialties include Flat Work, Tilt-Up projects, Parking Structures, and Multilevel Structures that is not their full repertoire. Specifically, some of the
most unique projects include:

UNM College

The Olympian


West Valley Park

Phaze Concrete is excited to have had the opportunity to work on these unique projects, alongside the typical trade jobs. The experience is thrilling and the network the company has built as a result is vast. For a company that specializes in concrete, there are certainly earning the cream of the crop for industry opportunities.

Excellent Clientele

Obviously, though, none of the company’s success would be possible without a supportive and loyal clientele. Phaze Concrete knows that their experience, expertise, and network mean nothing without their customers. Clients help the company daily by awarding jobs, reviews, and recommendations., The company’s clients range throughout industries and into the domestic setting. A business is not a business without clientele. Thankfully, Phaze Concrete feels they have acquired the best.

In summation, Phaze Concrete is proud to have built such a solid foundation from the ground up. The company knows the benefit of solid groundwork, as well as a supportive upbringing. Thus, it is Phaze Concrete’s strong belief that these three aspects have helped shape the company. While they continue to put in the world to keep the company flourishing, the family knows they cannot do it without the support of their community.

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