Phaze Concrete Demystifies the Construction Process

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Phaze Concrete understands that the business process can be difficult. That is why the company is dedicated to demystifying the process and helping projects run as smoothly as possible.

Construction projects can come in many forms. Whether a client has worked on multiple projects or this is their first one, there is still a sense of uncertainty. After all, anyone who has ever had any experience with construction projects knows there are many possible complications. Even with a trustworthy, experienced contractor, no two projects are exactly alike.

Nevertheless, Phaze Concrete has over ten years of experience in the construction industry. Every day, Phaze Concrete has literally pounded the pavement to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their customers. This has resulted in the company learning a lot about the construction process first-hand. Having achieved this knowledge, the company feels it is their duty to demystify the construction process.

Project Conception

The first part of the construction process is highly reliant on the client. (Don’t worry, this is fun!) Before anyone can make any constructional magic, the project needs to be thought of. That may sound silly but without an idea, there is never any project. This is where the client gets to dream big and figure out exactly what they want.


The second stage of the construction process is planning. This process is a collaborative effort between the contractor and the client. This is a difficult step, but it is essential to be as honest and forthcoming about what you want. This phase will determine the permits, materials, manpower, and time is needed to make the project a reality. Depending on the complexity of the project, this step might take a while. However, it is important not to get discouraged. After all, the more in-depth the planning process is, the more understanding the client will have of the specific process.

Getting to Work

Once the plans are set and the groundwork for the project is laid, it is time to get to work. During this stage, the client gets to focus on the future. The project is in the stages of becoming a reality. What happens next is largely dependent on the contractor, working off the information received in the previous stage. There might be a few decisions that need to be made during this step. Yet, for the most part, progress is all that is on the horizon.

Project Completion
Even though the project is completed, it does not mean that the process is completely over. The construction process must run its course. This means that permits and any special safety precautions must be secured before opening. The project completion is usually quick. Yet, it too is a vital part of a construction project’s success.

To close, Phaze Concrete knows that there is no way that anyone can give a play-by-play of every construction job. There will always be differences in each project, regardless of how similar. The good news is, the small differences and most problems can be dealt with easily when professionals are handling it. Therefore, the construction process is nothing that clients need to be afraid of. It might seem like an insurmountable feat. Yet, for Phaze Concrete, it is just another day of learning, progressing, and doing what they do best.

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