Phaze Concrete Continues to Earn High Honors for Exceptional Work

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It’s hard to divide the good from the bad when it comes to concrete construction. The industry has thousands of companies, and for customers, it’s hard to find which ones are great and which ones are not so great. Phaze Concrete has become the leader in the industry with awards, but also the treatment of their employees.

The company earned the ACI Intermountain Chapter Award of Excellence recently. They won the award because of their great tilt-up and concrete flatwork jobs. Also, the company became recognized for the work on the Family Dollar distribution center. Located in St. George, Utah, the building showed off the hard work of Phaze’s employees. The award is a reflection of the atmosphere the company has established over the past decade.

The center measures over one-million square feet and poured tons of concrete.

The ACI (American Concrete Institute) became founded in 1983, and the idea of the group was to further the education of concrete. In achieving this, the group focuses on three main aspects of concrete work. These include research, technical practice, and scientific investigation.

Not only does the company earn honors and awards for their concrete work, but they have become recognized for their employee treatment.

The company has over 250 employees on its staff. Because of the large number, Phaze Concrete can complete numerous projects at one time. Also, the staff can be broken up into different teams spread out across the western side of the United States.

But the ACI Intermountain Chapter Award of Excellence is not the only honor Phaze has received. The company holds a high distinction from the country’s government.

Two years ago, Phaze Concrete became recognized by the Department of Labor’s Department of Apprenticeships. Joining forces with his section of the government allowed Phaze to participate in an up-and-coming program.

Teaming up with the government allowed young workers to gain high-quality, on-the-job training with some of Phaze’s top workers. The new and exciting program gave these workers a chance to learn more skills and trades while earning a paycheck. Also, they can use the new abilities to gain promotions in the future and possibility head their crew. Because of the training, the opportunities are unless for these participating in the apprenticeship program.

Furthermore, the initiative became highlighted by Alexander Acosta, United States Secretary of Labor. In May 2017, while attending the G-20 Labor and Employment Ministers’ Meeting, Acosta boosted the program and how successful it has become.

Over 25 Phaze Concrete employees have taken advantage of the program. These individuals will become valuable members of the construction industry. Even if they decide to move on to another company, Phaze Concrete will have a hand in their development and training.

GED Readiness Program Also Offered

What else could Phaze Concrete offer other than award-winning work and recognition from the government? Giving employees a chance to earn their GED.

Employees who have yet to earn their GED can take part in the company’s GED Readiness Program. The program allows for workers to not miss any time on the job, but study for the exam.

What makes the program valuable and productive is that it’s available for families of employees. Any person who’s related to the employee can also take the GED exam. The goal of the program provides employees necessary classwork and studying while still earning a paycheck.

With these programs and awards, the atmosphere at Phaze Concrete leads to work safety. Content employees mean safe working environments. The company has an Experience Modification Rating (EMOD) of 0.72%.

To learn more about Phaze Concrete and their longstanding commitment to quality work, visit their website here.

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