A Concrete Commitment to Values and People – Phaze Concrete Paves the Way for Its Own Bright Future

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When you think of concrete in the Western United States, it wouldn’t be surprising if Phaze Concrete is what comes to your mind. With 14 years of experience in the industry, Phaze has become a real player in the concrete market.

Even though Phaze has seen significant growth over the years, the company’s commitment to its core values remains strong and central to their business strategy. Since Phaze’s humble beginnings pouring driveways and home foundations, the company has seen marked growth and now is responsible for substantial commercial concrete projects like pouring the foundations for Walmart and other big box stores.

Commitment to Core Values

Phaze has been committed, since day one, to their core values: integrity, performance, and teamwork. Applying these values to their work, day in and day out has led what was a humble concrete company to where it is now – earning jobs such as their work pouring the foundation for Family Dollar’s distribution center. Phaze’s excellent work on this project earned them the coveted ACI Intermountain Chapter Award of Excellence in Flatwork and Tilt-Up Concrete. This award really solidified what has been a long climb to the top of their industry for Phaze, and they are just getting started.

Phaze Concrete insists on using only the most cutting-edge concrete techniques and equipment, making sure their customers get the very best performance on every single job. Phaze also focuses on increasing their efficiency and quality from job to job, learning from their experience to constantly better their service.

The company also stresses teamwork among their employees, ensuring their jobs are done well by a cohesive unit of concrete professionals. Phaze’s Experience Modifications Rating (EMOD) of 0.72 is a concrete result of their efforts.

Assisting employees with Proper Educations and Training

Phaze’s commitment to providing top quality service to their customers isn’t the only admirable goal for this innovative company. Phaze has partnered with the Department of Apprenticeships, a subdivision of the US Department of Labor, to bring on apprentices to work with their experienced concrete workers.These apprentices will get to learn directly on the job with Phaze’s excellent employees, learning the skills of a trade which they can put to use for the rest of their life.

The White House Office of American Innovation has been a vocal supporter of these programs and the benefits they bring to all parties involved. The office even touted the merits of this program at the G-20 summit in May 2017, expounding on the positive effects of institutional apprenticeship programs.

Phaze Concrete also offers a very distinct advantage to their employees, a GED program. Many workers in the concrete industry lack education and Phaze wants to ensure their employees can achieve one if they wish. This leads to better employees for Phaze and better lives for those employees.

Phaze workers can take classes and work towards earning their GED while still working and earning a paycheck. Phaze makes sure anyone who wants to work towards this goal is able to do so without sacrificing their career.

Astoundingly, Phaze also takes care of their workers’ families, offering access to the same program to these family members if they wish to participate.

The American construction industry is one of the cornerstones of this nation. Phaze, as a major player in this business, will continue to provide the best service they can to their customers while also putting their employees at the front of their minds. It’s this kind of work ethic and dedication to core values that have helped Phaze build to what is it today and will make Phaze even better in the future.

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