Phaze Concrete is Revolutionizing Employee Appreciation

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As a family-owned and operated company, it was natural for Phaze Concrete to extend their family values to their employees. Yet, the company has done far more than the conventional niceties of a small business. The company does not want its employees to regard their position as just a job. Phaze Concrete wants its employees to feel appreciated and accepted. They want to help build a future for their employees. Therefore, they have done their best to revolutionize employee appreciation.

Putting Employees First

Phaze Concrete has made a habit out of putting their employees first in their business considerations. They are good to their employees in both their safety precautions and personal endeavors. Phaze Concrete doesn’t make a single business decision without considering the effect it will have on their employees. They want their employees to be happy. Thus, they do their best to ensure the work employees are tasked with is fulfilling.

This is appreciated greatly by Phaze Concrete’s employees, as sadly, they know any employee consideration can be rare. The industry is filled with people who would rather skim on safety and employee satisfaction, to save a few bucks. Phaze Concrete is opposed to this line of thinking completely. The company knows that its employees contribute greatly to its success. Therefore, it only makes sense that they show their appreciation in any way they can.


Manual labor is only a portion of the jobs that Phaze Concrete has to offer its employees. However, instead of demanding qualifications that their employees do not have, the company offers GED and apprenticeship programs. The company is keen on helping their employees understand what it is they want to do with their life. Once they know that, the company helps its employees reach that goal. The company supports its employees by providing information and materials. Yet, they also help keep their work schedule based around their apprenticeship or classes. That way, employees are not forced to choose between making a living or going to school.

Hiring Within

While it is not mandatory for employees to stay with Phaze Concrete after their schooling, many people choose to stay. The company is essential in the planning of many career paths and hires from within. Therefore, employees have a specific goal they are working toward, instead of having an abstract idea of what they want. Phaze Concrete trains their employees while they are in school or during the apprenticeship program. That makes it an easy transition for employees once they have received their qualifications.

Building this future with their employees has helped the people who work for the company and Phaze Concrete. There are few companies left that are so vigilant in helping their employees succeed to this degree. However, Phaze Concrete thinks that these companies are making a mistake. The amount of loyalty and perseverance they have experienced through helping their employees is paramount to their success.

In summation, Phaze Concrete has always and will continue to revolutionize employee appreciation throughout their company. Their employees are important to them and they want to make sure they are aware of that. Hopefully, other companies will follow their example.

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