Phaze Concrete Holds Secret to Having Positive Work Environment for Employees

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A healthy work environment can mean the difference between a company prospering and a company going out of business. Phaze Concrete has been able to succeed because of their impeccable work, but also their ability to have employees care about the job they are completing.

The secret to their success over the western portion of the United States is the treatment of their employees. Also, the company believes strongly in offering specific programs to their workers, so they don’t view their occupation as “just a job.”

There are two offerings from Phaze Concrete that let the employees have a way to improve their lives. These programs have become recognized by the national government and have paved the way for other companies to do the same. While Phaze continues to lead in the concrete construction industry, they are also leading the way in employee treatment.

The company’s attention has always been to provide quality concrete work to their clients. Starting as a company pouring concrete for driveways and other small residential projects, they have emerged as a leader for mega-corporations looking to build a structure.

With over 250 team members working on any amounts of projects at one time, Phaze Concrete has created a positive work environment. First and foremost, the company always provides a safe, pleasant, and professional work setting. The safety of their employees has led to high marks in ratings. Currently, their Experience Modification Rating (EMOD) stands at 0.72%. The number shows the commitment of Phaze Concrete to creating a safe work atmosphere.

First, the program that has gained national attention is their apprenticeship offerings. Phaze Concrete joined forces with the Department of Labor’s sector devoted to these programs. That sub-department is the Department of Apprenticeships.

The purpose of the program has always been offering high-quality on-the-job training and instruction for young workers. Also, those in the program learn the proper techniques and teachings from experienced co-workers.

This particular program became praised by Alexander Acosta, the United States Secretary of Labor. In May 2017, the cabinet member attended the G-20 Labor and Employment Ministers’ Meeting and talked about the importance of the apprenticeship program.

Support from the government continued to The White House Office of American Innovation, which became equally committed to supporting all types of apprenticeship programs. The White House continues to build towards the goal of increasing the number of apprenticeships across the country. The outlook has become bright, because of the success of Phaze Concrete and other companies across the country.

Currently, Phaze Concrete is one of over 37,000 different apprenticeship programs across the United States. Also, at Phaze Concrete, 26 young cement mason apprentices are participating in the company’s plan.

The other offering from Phaze Concrete is their GED Readiness Program. Any worker who does not have their GED while working for the company can earn it with the company’s support. Also, the offering extends to that employee’s family. Anybody within the umbrella of Phaze Concrete has the chance to better their lives by earning a GED.

Furthermore, before an employee takes the GED test, different courses and textbooks are available for studying. What makes the program efficiently is that it takes no time away from earning a paycheck and working for the company. The employee can study for the exam and become comfortable, but still, work and provide for their family.

In conclusion, these programs have attained success in the workplace. Recently, the company earned the ACI Intermountain Chapter Award of Excellence for their flatwork and tilt-up work.

Learn More About Phaze Concrete:

Founded in 2003, Phaze Concrete offers concrete construction work in multiple states across the western coast of the country.

To learn more about their work, visit their website here.

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