Phaze Concrete Has Been Leading Concrete Construction Industry for Past Decade

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For the past decade, Phaze Concrete has been a master in the concrete construction industry for the western part of the United States. No matter the capacity of the project, the company has strived to complete excellence in their work.

The experience Phaze has in the concrete business ranges from small to large projects. They have completed buildings that are 10,000 square feet and 900,000 square feet. No matter the size of the project, they put the same dedication and attention to detail into each project.

Phaze aims to provide quality concrete within reasonable schedule times to exceed the expectations of their clients. Their attitude has won over customers for years but has also helped even the most demanding projects maintain their schedules.

The successful construction company has completed the scope for hundreds of new buildings and remodeled projects. These projects included warehouses, distribution centers, large box offices, and parking garages. Also, Phaze’s specialty in concrete flatwork delivers the highest quality concrete to their client’s expectations.

Phaze Concrete specializes in different areas of concrete construction.


The company has constructed, placed, and finished flatwork concrete for small and large buildings. Also, these structures include retail distribution centers, including Family Dollar, and concrete parking lots with heavy-duty paving.

Multilevel Structures

From seven-story apartments to unique multilevel projects, Phaze Concrete has the experience and the know-how to complete large construction projects.

One building that Phaze Concrete boasts is the Spaceport America project.

Other specialty work includes tilt-up concrete work and parking structures.

Recently, Phaze was responsible for pouring the concrete for Family Dollar’s new distribution center. This project consisted of over one million square of feet of concrete poured. Also, the finished result has received high praise from around the industry.

The company earned the ACI Intermountain Chapter Award of Excellence in Flatwork and Tilt-Up Concrete for the Family Dollar structure. Also, the contract completion and the highly recognized award was just another reason why Phaze continues to lead the concrete construction industry.

Also, recognition not only comes with high-quality work. Phaze takes pride in treating their employees like family, offering different educational programs and skill assistance courses. Also, their GED program has become provided to workers’ families.

To visit Phaze Concretes website, please visit their website here.

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