3 Impressive Facts About Phaze Concrete

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When constructing a multi-million dollar structure, expert craftsmanship is a must. That’s why companies turn to Phaze Concrete for all their concrete placement needs. With ten years of expertise and a willingness to solve any project dilemma, Phaze Concrete is redefining the world of construction. Let’s take a look at three impressive facts about the company:

#3: Phaze Was an Integral Part of Constructing the Spaceport

One of the most impressive projects Phaze has ever worked on; Spaceport is the world’s first FAA-licensed commercial spaceport. The unique design would have proved challenging to most, but Phaze easily helped construct this $200 million dollar structure. It includes an airfield, launch pads, hangars, and roadways. The construction of the Spaceport is making it possible for commercial space programs to take root, all while keeping sustainability in mind.

#2: Phaze Climbed From the Ground Up

In 2003, Phaze Concrete was two men working on driveways and other residential projects. Their business model and willingness to accommodate their customers quickly boosted their popularity. Eventually, Phaze began to take off as commercial properties began to become interested. Many Walmart locations, hotels, and even the million square foot Family Dollar headquarters trusted them with their projects. In time, those two innovative men became a staff of 250 hardworking men and women. The company is now worth over $43 million dollars!

#1: Phaze Really, Really Values Their Employees

Phaze Concrete takes a personal interest in the education of their employees. Partnering with the Department of Labor and Apprenticeships, Phaze created a work education program. This program gives apprentices that dropped out of high school a chance at completing their GED. The company is committed to offering the most thorough training possible for employees that are willing to work for it. Phaze nurtures a positive work environment for their staff through pre-planning travel arrangements, managing time effectively, and offering above-average pay.

Moving Forward

It’s no wonder that Phaze Concrete has seen such success. Happy customers, happy employees, and a willingness to adapt to current technology has truly kept the company ahead of the pack in the industry. In the upcoming years, Phaze plans to diversify its projects, such as sky-rise buildings and structural work. As always, the company plans to keep its focus on people: employees and customers, and keeping everyone happy.

To connect with Phaze Concrete, you can connect with them on Linkedin.

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