Why Every Company Should Copy Phaze Concrete and Their Employee Treatment

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For over a decade, Phaze Concrete has become the leader in concrete construction work in the states of Nevada and Utah. Beginning with small residential projects in 2003, they worked their way up to more massive structures.

In a short period, Phaze quickly became successful because of the hard work and completing projects ahead of schedule. Because of these attributes, customers were content and happy with the finished job. Also, the company began to increase in size, transitioning to commercial projects.

These commercial projects consisted of parking garages and large box stores. Over time, Phaze Concrete expanded into more western states, working on more projects.

Phaze Concrete Offers Unique Programs For Employees

Two reasons why Phaze Concrete has become the leader in concrete construction are performance and teamwork. The company believes if the team of workers are happy and skillful, they complete quality jobs.

“We don’t want our staff to come to work and earn a paycheck and go home,” says a company representative. “We want them to learn transferable skills and have a valuable experience with a great business.”

Phaze Concrete offers their employees and families two different programs. The first offering is the apprenticeship program. This program is one of over 37,000 various apprenticeship programs offered around the country.

Through these programs, the business dedicates itself to ensuring proper training and skills become attained. Employees have the option to learn transferable skills, but stay on the job and earn a living.

The apprenticeship program has been successful for the company. In 2016, Phaze Concrete partnered with the Department of Labor’s Department of Apprenticeships sector. The partnership created an exciting and unique education work program. Also, this program was the first of its kind in the area.

The value of this type of apprenticeship program became well-known by Alexander Acosta, United States Secretary of Labor. The diplomat attended the G-20 Labor and Employment Ministers Meeting in May of 2017, where he resounded the support of the plan.

Phaze Concrete Supports Its Employees 

Another great offering by Phaze and how confident they treat their employees by offering GED support. Any worker who does not have their GED can take part in the education class and take the exam. The company has been able to let workers continue to earn a paycheck and take courses at the same time.

This application is not only extended to every employee but also their families. The program allows every family in Phaze to earn a better living and improve their way of life.

Phaze Concrete gives the GED program that is available to all employees and family members of our workers,” says the group’s spokesperson.

The construction and concrete industries have become some of the more significant areas in the nation, offering employment to millions of Americans. The industry continues to expand every year with more jobs and ways to advance in the sector.

Companies Need To Follow Suit Of Phaze Concrete’s Ways

But why should other companies copy Phaze Concrete‘s ways?

If they want to have happy employees who are excited to come to work, then they will offer these types of programs.

Phaze Concrete has been successful on the worksite by completing jobs early and under budget. Also, they have seen many workers advance their careers in the construction industry and beyond.

There is no question why Phaze Concrete has become the leader in the concrete building industry for the past decade.

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