Phaze Concrete Has Many Workers Involved With Apprenticeship Program

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Companies all over the world have become successful because of the way they treat their employees. This story is no different for Phaze Concrete. Over the years, the company has provided various programs to improve the lives of the workers.

A salubrious work climate means high work productivity. For most industries, a healthy environment in the workspace equals high-quality products and services. The company benefits from workers who feel empowered and are just not going to work to earn a paycheck. Giving these employees the opportunity to change their lives and learn valuable trades and skills can go a long way.

From the moment Phaze Concrete started pouring concrete for driveways and residential projects, the mission statement became clear. That statement was to treat employees as family and give them control over their careers. Providing options and programs to improve their families trickles down to their families and quality of work. For the past ten years, the group has earned the reputation of excellent work in concrete construction but also setting the gold standard in employee treatment.

Employers that treat employees as just workers give off the impression that the staff is there just to “earn a paycheck.” For Phaze Concrete, it runs much deeper than that. The moment a person starts to work for the company, they become a member of the family. The person becomes given proper training from the first day. They are also made aware of every opportunity to earn promotions and a higher degree of learning.

The most successful program the company has offered employees is the apprenticeship curriculum. Not only does the course allow young workers to learn on the job and gain skills in the concrete industry, but they improve their chances of climbing the ladder within the company.

Phaze Concrete has become proud of the fact that several members of their apprenticeship program have become leaders in the company. Learning different trades and skills can improve the chance of a long career in concrete construction. The program has grown so successful that the government took notice.

The company partnered with the Department of Labor to spread their findings to other companies and industries around the country. Explicitly dealing with the Department of Apprenticeships, the company has led the way in spreading awareness. The success of Phaze Concrete has expanded into different industries too.

To further hammer the point home to companies across the country, Alexander Acosta, the United States Secretary of Labor spoke about the importance of these types of programs. Talking in front of some of the most important people in the world, Acosta glowed about the program at the G-20 Labor and Employment Ministers’ Meeting in May 2017. The word has spread all over the country, and more companies are taking part in a program similar to Phaze Concrete.

Today, Phaze Concrete is one of over 37,000 different apprenticeship programs across the country. Also, over 25 young apprentices are a part of Phaze’s program. Every year, the number of people interested grows.

But that’s not the only program offered by the company to their employees. Their GED Readiness Program has improved the lives of many workers and their families.

The program is useful because of the outreach of availability. Not only can a worker or family member get their GED, but they can also continue to work and earn a living. But in the end, they receive their GED and a chance to improve their career. No matter if they decide to stay in the concrete construction industry, their GED unlocks doors that wouldn’t be available before passing the test.

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The company has become a leader in delivering quality concrete to the construction industry for the past ten years. To learn more about Phaze Concrete and their services, visit their website here.

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