Phaze Concrete Earns ACI Intermountain Chapter Award for Excellence in Concrete Flatwork

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Throughout their time in the industry, Phaze has earned the ACI Intermountain Chapter Award of Excellence for their flatwork and tilt-up concrete jobs. The project was chosen based on the company’s work on the Family Dollar distribution center. The site measured over one million square feet of cement work.

The ACI (American Concrete Institute) became founded in 1983. The idea of the group was to further the education of concrete about three essential aspects. Those three aspects are technical practice, research, and scientific investigation.

By coordinating the efforts of its members, the Intermountain Chapter gathers, correlates, distributes information for the improvement of the design, manufacture, construction, use, and the maintenance of concrete products and structures.

The states covered by the ACI Intermountain Chapter include the states of Utah, Western Wyoming, Southwestern Montana, and Southern Idaho.

With over 250 employees, Phaze Concrete can work on numerous projects at the same time. The jobs include earthwork, utilities, and concrete. But the concrete construction leader did not start with large projects.

Starting over ten years ago, Phaze Concrete began pouring concrete for residential projects, including driveways. Once the company gained recognition and glowing reviews, bigger jobs came in.

Today, the organization works on projects ranging from 10,000 square feet to 900,000 square feet on a regular basis. They boast that using their vast experience; they can complete construction projects on-time and sometimes under budget.

“We strive to provide quality concrete work within reasonable schedule times to exceed the expectations of our clients,” says a Phaze Concrete spokesperson. “Our ‘can-do’ attitude has not only won us loyal customers but has helped even the most demanding jobs maintain their schedules.”

The types of jobs that Phaze Concrete has completed over the years include warehouses, parking garages, hotels, airports, post offices, colleges, large box office stores, hospitals, and custom homes. The specialty of Phaze’s concrete flatwork delivers the highest quality concrete to the client’s expectations.

Another reason for the company’s award from the ACI is their commitment to continuously improving the quality of their work and to increase the efficiency of their workers. The highly-respected company ensures that all team members work together as part of one unit. This guideline translates to creating a safe, professional, and pleasant atmosphere where everybody wants to work.

Also, Phaze Concrete concentrates heavily on the safety of their workers. The proof is in their Experience Modification Rating (EMOD), which stands at 0.72 percent. Not only can the company complete solid concrete work, but they remain one of the top companies in safety in the construction industry.

United States Government Recognizes Unique Apprenticeships

The ACI Intermountain Chapter Award isn’t the only recognition the company has received. In 2016, Phaze Concrete joined forces with the Department of Labor’s Department of Apprenticeships. The combination created an exciting and unique work education program. The strategy is simple. The goal is to provide young workers with high-quality, on-the-job training and instruction.

The significance of the initiative was highlighted by Alexander Acosta, who is the United States Secretary of Labor. While attending the G-20 Labor and Employment Ministers Meeting in May 2017, Acosta made his support known to the conference.

Additionally, The White House Office of American Innovation has become justly committed to fostering and supporting apprenticeships. Because so many different construction companies are participating in the act, the commitment has covered over into other industries.

From the government to local chapters within the industry, Phaze Concrete continues to set the bar when it comes to concrete construction work.

To learn more about Phaze Concrete and their work, visit their website.

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