Phaze Concrete Attributes Employee Satisfaction to Company Success

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The true test of integrity for any business is the way that business treats its employees. Employees are the backbone and the face of almost every company. For all types of businesses, the employees are the first and usually most influential point of contact for customers. Phaze Concrete knows this and has used this understanding as to the foundation of their business model.

The Essence of the Business

When a person owns a business, they aren’t just going to work. Most of the time, the business becomes an extension of the owner’s being. The business is considered, almost as a part of the family. For Phaze Concrete an intense sense of responsibility is extended to their employees.

For over a decade, Phaze Concrete has been cementing its rapport with the construction industry. Delivering quality service, as well as premier concrete is how they’ve become revered.

Half of that rapport is directly related to having a knowledgeable staff, that customers can get to know for years.

Therefore, instead of having construction companies talk to a different person every time they call, they have an assigned representative. This person will conduct business with them and get to know their specific needs.

Additionally, having such little turnover, Phaze Concrete has a wonderful reputation within the employment community.

Employee Appreciation

Phaze Concrete knows that the employees play a vital role in the business’ success. Therefore, the company is pleased to offer a plethora of benefits.

Phaze also wants each employee to feel welcomed and valued. So, the company goes to great lengths to provide commendable advantages to working for them.

Here are two of the exclusive benefits that Phaze offers their employees:

GED Program: This program helps employees who have yet to obtain a high school diploma to prepare for and obtain their GED. However, they don’t just set up the test. Instead, Phaze Concrete makes it a priority, by offering classes and textbooks to their employees. That way, the employee can accurately prepare for the test, while still earning a living.

Apprenticeship Program: Phaze Concrete is also a part of the governmental Department of Apprenticeships. This program helps young people learn a skill, while on the job. This will help prepare them for making a living for the rest of their lives. Regardless of age, or background, the company urges all its employees to participate to better their lives. By taking part in an apprenticeship, employees are trained for higher-paying, skill-intensive jobs. The skills and experience achieved will serve them well throughout the entirety of their future endeavors.

Notable Achievements

The tides of business are changing. Employees want more from their work than simply a paycheck and Phaze Concrete is leading the innovation in employee satisfaction.

The company’s efforts have not gone unnoticed; by their employees, as well as the government.

Last year, Alexander Acosta, the United States Secretary of Labor praised Phaze Concrete’s apprenticeship program.

However, the company has garnered achievements in other areas as well. Phaze Concrete won the ACI Intermountain Chapter Award of Excellence this year. The award was a result of the company’s form and perfection with their flatwork and tilt-up work.

In summation, whether it is the ACI award or a senator’s approval, Phaze Concrete is smoothing the path for innovation. The company started with humble beginnings. Yet, even when they became revered throughout the Midwest, they never lost sight of their goal. Phaze Concrete has always continued to preserve the integrity and satisfaction of their employees.

For more information about Phaze Concrete, visit their website.

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