Phaze Concrete Has Become Model of Hard Work Producing Success

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​Becoming one of the premier companies that handle large and small concrete placement projects does not happen overnight. The company started by pouring concrete in residential neighborhoods, including driveways. These projects, while modest, established a positive reputation throughout the area they serviced.

While more people recognized the hard work and attention to detail, Phaze Concrete began to grow with more clients. From there, the company started to expand its area of reach and take on more projects.

Today, Phaze Concrete takes on jobs that range from 10,000 square feet to 900,000 square feet.

“We strive to provide excellence in our concrete work within reasonable calendar times to exceed the expectations of our clients,” says a company spokesperson. “Our ‘can do’ attitude has won our company not only loyal customers but has helped even the most demanding projects maintain their scheduled times.”

Phaze Concrete has completed hundreds of new and remodels projects. These projects include warehouses, distribution centers, parking garages, massive box office stores, hotels, airports, hospitals, post offices, custom homes, and colleges.

But the company’s specialty in concrete flatwork delivers the highest quality concrete that caters to the customer’s expectations.

While the company has turned heads for their excellent work on the job in the concrete construction industry, they are setting the bar in other ways.

Phaze Concrete joined forces with the Department of Labor and its Department of Apprenticeships several years ago. The partnership created an exciting and unique work education program for numerous employees. The decision has become hugely fruitful for both sides. Also, the association has provided young workers with high-quality on-the-job training and instruction.

Furthermore, the program allows these workers who participate to continue to climb the ranks within the company. Also, they can use the skills they have learned if they decide to work elsewhere as their careers progress.

White House Recognizes Phaze Concrete‘s Program

United States Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta highlighted the importance of the partnership during a recent conference. At the G-20 Labor and Employment Ministers Meeting in May of last year, Acosta talked about the strength of the program, featuring Phaze Concrete.

Also, The White House Office of American Innovation has become equally committed to nurturing and supporting apprenticeships all over the country. Phaze Concrete‘s program is one of over 37,000 throughout the United States.

As of this writing, over 25 cement mason apprentices are taking part in the program through Phaze Concrete alone. The company has become proud of the fact that their plans are no longer seen as a “union organization benefit,” mainly since the company is not unionized. Also, they focus on each worker being able to learn more skills while on the job.

“We don’t want our employees just to come to work, earn a paycheck, and go home,” adds a company spokesperson. “We want our workers to come and have a valuable learning experience. No matter if they decide to move on to another construction job or continue to climb the ladder internally, we want to support them any way we can.”

Also, the company takes pride in maintaining safety for the workers. Creating a professional, positive work experience has turned into a safe work environment. The company now has an Experience Modification (EMOD) rating currently sitting at 0.72 percent.

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