Phaze Concrete Has Helped Employees Earn a Better Living Through Programs Nationally Recognized

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While Phaze Concrete has been around for over a decade, they have set the bar for outstanding concrete work. But it’s the way they have treated and helped the employees that have helped them gain additional recognition.

The concrete construction business has offices in numerous locations in the western portion of the United States. Also, the company has a license to deliver its services to 17 states across the country. But the bulk of their work focuses on Utah, California, and Nevada.

Starting with small projects that included working on residential properties and pouring driveways. The team that started the company became successful because of their hard work and assistance in the concrete industry. The business grew slowly, but in a few years, they began to attract bigger and lucrative projects.

Their work on residential properties became replaced with large commercial projects. These massive structures included parking garages, box stores, and multilevel buildings.

Earning Awards For Their Oustanding Work

One major project landed by Phaze Concrete was a Family Dollar distribution center. The contract gained the company pouring concrete for a million-square-foot structure. While this project allowed the company to collect a large sum of money, it earned other honors.

Their work on the distribution center earned Phaze the ACI Intermountain Chapter Award of Excellence in flatwork and tilt-up concrete work. Because of these contracts and honors, the company has over 250 team members. Because of the significant staff, they can work on multiple projects in concrete, utilities, and earthwork in their area.

Just because the company has multiple projects completed at once does not mean the quality and quickness decreases. The crew members are dedicated to finishing jobs ahead of schedule and within budget. Also, Phaze Concrete is committed to improving the quality of their work and increasing efficiency.

To achieve this, crew members ensure that they work together as a team. Also, they create a safe, professional, and enjoyable atmosphere where every member wants to work.

The safety of all employees is an essential aspect of the company. That is why the company has an Experience Modification (EMOD) rating of 0.72%, which means they are committed to the safety of their team members.

Team Members Learning New Trades On The Worksite

While Phaze ensures all work crew members are safe on the job, it’s their commitment outside the worksite that is turning heads. In 2016, the company joined forces with the Department of Labor’s Department of Apprenticeships. This partnership created an exciting and unique work education program for Phaze team members.

The decision to partner has been successful while providing young workers with high-quality work experience. Government officials have highlighted the importance of these types of offerings for workers.

Alexander Acosta, U.S. Secretary of Labor, showed support of the initiative at the G-20 Labor and Employment Ministers’ Meeting in 2017. The White House Office of American Innovation has become equally committed to supporting these types of programs.

As of today, the apprenticeships program by Phaze Concrete is one of 37,000 different sponsors in the country.

Also, the company has become proud of the fact that their programs are not seen as a union organization benefit, mainly since Phaze stands as not unionized. Instead, the company wants to stay focused on ensuring all team members can learn the trade and progress in the industry.

It’s because of the commitment the company has for its employees to learn new trades that they are leading the concrete industry. Employees are safely completing massive projects ahead of schedule but also making sure all team members are learning on the job.

To learn more about Phaze Concrete, please visit their website here.

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