From Starting as a Small Company, Phaze Concrete Now Handles Large Projects

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Many companies start a business taking small jobs and working their way up to more significant projects. This story holds true for Phaze Concrete.

For more than a decade, Phaze Concrete has been a master in building quality concrete foundations and structures. With several locations throughout the western portion of the United States, they can complete projects on time and sometimes under budget.

With a license to deliver its services to over 15 states, Phaze Concrete has quickly become the company significant corporations look towards when building new structures.

As the number of projects the company has completed goes up, the company’s revenue continues to climb. This past year, the income of Phaze Concrete sits around $148 million from their completed jobs.

Phaze Concrete started with pouring concrete for driveways in residential neighborhoods. The states they operated in during this time were Utah and Nevada. Gradually, the work increased.

The reason why the work poured in was that of the reputation the company earned while working on residential properties. In the span of several years, the company went from working on homes to pouring concrete for large parking structures and box stores.

As the company expanded, the number of workers on the staff went up. Now with over 250 employees on staff, the company handles many large projects at once.

Offering Employees Programs to Improve Way of Life

While the company boasts its hard work, under budget construction, and exceptional quality, it’s the way they treat their employees that have earned them recognition.

Becoming a leader in any industry takes time and hard-working employees. Making sure those employees are happy at the worksite has become a priority for Phaze Concrete.

First, the safety of employees has become essential. The company has always looked for ways to increase efficiency in the workplace. Creating a safe, pleasant, and professional atmosphere carries over to exceptional work on the projects they get hired to complete.

The high standard of safety shows in their numbers. The company’s Experience Modification (EMOD) rating currently sits at 0.72 percent. The low figure shows the commitment the employees and company make to continue the safety of everyone involved in jobs.

Second, Phaze Concrete established their own GED Readiness program for employees. The forward-thinking of the company has prepared many employees to climb the ladder within the industry, but also better their lives.

The program allows employees to prepare for the GED exam with classes, textbooks, and assistance. This offering has become available for employees that did not finish high school. But what sets the program apart from others is that the course became offered to the family of employees too.

“We do not want our hard workers merely to come to work, earn a paycheck, and go home,” says a Phaze Concrete spokesperson. “We want them to come and have a valuable experience, and continue to learn. Also, the GED Readiness program has become available to all employees and family members of our employees.”

Teaming With Government Agency

The company recently partnered with the Department of Labor’s Department of Apprenticeships. The partnership incorporates practical and theoretical work, helping young workers attain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed on the concrete construction site.

Also, The Department of Labor recognizes Phaze Concrete‘s innovative program as one of the 37,000 available in the nation. Currently, over twenty of the company’s workers have enrolled in the highly-touted program.

Future Looks Bright for Company

Phaze Concrete has always looked to the future. Whether it’s on the worksite or in the personal lives of employees, Phaze has sought to improve as a whole.

While team members help Phaze Concrete earn accolades for the work completed, the company returns the favor with quality programs.

To learn more about Phaze Concrete, visit their website.

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