Phaze Concrete Recognizes Employees as the Essence of Their Success

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Employees are the reason that most companies survive. They are the foundation of the company. There’s only so much one, or even a couple founders can do. It’s impossible to run a large enterprise like Phaze Concrete without employees.

Although, this company knows that, and they have always been grateful for their employee’s dedication.

Yet, being in business for over a decade has taught the company that loyalty isn’t the only benefit of appreciation. After reaching such a milestone of time and success in their business, they realized that their thought process was correct. They recognized that the employees are the essence of their success.

Without them, they truly wouldn’t be able to do what they love to do. The company wouldn’t be able to function.

Therefore, Phaze Concrete is doing everything they can to show their appreciation to the employees of this family-run business.

Employee Appreciation

Phaze Concrete offers a host of innovative benefits for their employees. Their goal is to make their employees want to work there.

Working at Phaze Concrete, for the family that owns it, isn’t just a job. They like the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment they receive from the company. So, they strive to ensure their employees have every opportunity to feel this way too.

Thus, the company wants to reward loyalty and help employees advance, to reach their highest aspirations.

That’s why one of the most commendable benefits Phaze Construction offers are the GED and Apprentice programs.

  • GED Program: This program helps employees who have yet to obtain a high school diploma to prepare for and obtain their GED. Although, the company doesn’t simply sign the employee up for the test or shove some information at them. The company truly wants to help their employees succeed. So, they make their education a priority, offering classes and textbooks to their employees. This helps the employees learn and study without having to skip work.
  • Apprenticeship Program: In addition to helping employees garner their GED, Phaze Concrete also offers apprenticeship programs. This program will help prepare them for making a living for the rest of their lives. An apprenticeship provides employees with a skill that will help them advance in the company and ultimately, better their lives.


In addition to developing skilled, loyal employees, the appreciation programs have also garnered achievements for the company.

One of the best achievements was receiving high praise from Alexander Acosta, the United States Secretary of Labor. This was directly related to Phaze Concrete’s work and dedication to the apprenticeship program.

Yet, there have been other acknowledgments too. Phaze Concrete also won the ACI Intermountain Chapter Award of Excellence. The award was earned through the company’s flatwork and tilt-up work.

For both achievements, Phaze Concrete knows, they have their employees to thank. Without their hard work, dedication, and skill, neither acknowledgment would be possible.

In summation, Phaze Concrete continues to keep their priorities straight. The company is dedicated to ensuring employees felt welcomed, satisfied, and appreciated and that is never going to change.

For more information about Phaze Concrete, visit their website

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