Phaze Concrete Makes Sure Employees Are Advancing With Learning Important Skills

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Parking structures. Large box stores. Multilevel apartment buildings. People use these buildings and structures every day. But many do not know the craftsmanship involved in each project. Phaze Concrete is the leader of concrete construction work in the western portion of the country. But it’s the way they are treating employees that has people glowing about the company.

While the company has grown over the past decade, their goals remain the same. Those goals are to complete projects on time and sometimes under budget. Furthermore, for employees to advance their careers and earn a proper education.

Partnering With The United States Government

Assisting employees to learn new skills they can carry onto the job site, the company has teamed with the Department of Apprenticeships. The subdivision of the United States of Labor works with companies and apprentices. Phaze Concrete has become dedicated to advance its workers to higher levels of concrete construction compliance.

The apprentices of Phaze Concrete learn directly on the job with fellow team members that have been with the company for years. They learn the skills of the trade that they can use for the rest of their time in the industry.

These apprenticeship programs come highly recommended and recognized by the United States government. The White House of American Innovation supports the effort and supporter of these types of programs. The government believes these efforts benefit all parties involved, especially the employees who sign up with the company to further their careers and trades.

Also, the office boasted the efforts of the program at the G-20 Summit in May 2017. The positive effects of the program were presented on a national scale, furthering the importance of these exercises.

“We never want our workers simply to come to the job site and earn a paycheck and go home,” says a company spokesperson. “We want them to come and have a valuable experience, learning new skills they can carry with them on the job and further down the road in their career.”

While these workers learn better skills on the job site, they are helping Phaze Concrete grow and continue the tradition of quality work.

“Registered apprentices in the program, regardless of their age, will have the opportunity to complete training on the job,” says the company spokesperson.

GED Program for Workers and Families

Another great offering by Phaze Concrete to its employees is its GED Program. While many workers in the concrete construction industry lack proper education, Phaze wants to change that.

“Every employee can earn their GED while continuing to work,” says the company spokesperson for Phaze Concrete. “If they do not have their diploma or high school diploma equivalent, they can take the test while working.”

Phaze Concrete provides the GED readiness course that is available to all employees, but also their families.

“When an employee commits to the apprenticeship program or GED course, we commit to giving them the most well-rounded concrete construction industry training available,” adds the company spokesperson.

The treatment of their employees has led to a happy workplace and excellence in the work. This excellence includes gaining high-end jobs with major companies. Phaze Concrete was chosen to complete the concrete pouring on the Family Dollar distribution center.

This massive project measured over one million square feet. Not only did it put Phaze Concrete on the national level with a big company, it earned awards.

The project earned Phaze Concrete the ACI Intermountain Chapter Award of Excellence for the flatwork and tilt-up concrete project.

Today, Phaze Concrete has over 250 team members who are able to work on projects all over the western portion of the United States. The excellence continues in the work these educated workers complete and will only grow stronger as the programs continue.

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