Phaze Concrete Delivers an Inside Scoop to the Company’s Four Specialties

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Phaze Concrete is highly regarded within the community where the company resides. Building and improving their large community has always been a passion of the family-owned company. Over the many years in business, the company has enjoyed the experience of adding a plethora of projects to their repertoire. From working on residential projects to commercial and even a few government projects, every day is new and exciting. Ideally, though, Phaze Concrete certainly would not have it any other way.

Although, landing these projects would not be possible if it were not for the company’s four industry specialties. Phaze Concrete is proud to have honed these industry skills and wants to share the specifics of their expertise. Therefore, here are Phaze Concrete’s four company specialties.


Tilt-up construction is done when the walls of the project are created onsite using large slabs called tilt-up panels. This takes skill, precision, and determination to get it right. Thankfully, Phaze Concrete has got its tilt-up construction method down to a science.

Therefore, the type of projects that Phaze Concrete has used this method on vary. Yet, they are often large buildings that house a lot of people. A few specifics include large distribution centers, public schools, box office stores, and post offices.

Parking Structures

Parking structures are vast and encompass many different means of construction. Therefore, it takes a keen eye and solid plan to ensure everything will go smoothly. Many of the parking structures that Phaze Concrete has undertaken have included large and complicated designs.


Flatwork deals with projects of ranging complications, that create sidewalks, foundations, and basically any other flat surface. Sometimes, flatwork is the entirety of the job. Although, often, flatwork is only the start of the job. In terms of a foundation, this complex procedure is literally the bedrock of what is being built.

Phaze Concrete has constructed, placed, and finished flatwork concrete that ranges from 10,000 sq. ft to 860,000 sq. ft buildings. A few examples include distribution centers, large box office stores, and concrete parking lots. Hence, the company has built up quite a diversified portfolio in this area.

Multilevel Structures

Multilevel structures come in many shapes and sizes. It also ranges from projects in the residential, to the commercial, and beyond. Examples that Phaze Concrete has worked on include Spaceport America and other exploratory buildings. Creativity must combine with skill. Hence, multilevel structures are extremely specialized.

To close, Phaze Concrete is pleased to offer their services to their community. The company has a passion and a drive to build up their home. After all, as Phaze Concrete is proud to be able to use their specialties to help their town. As a small business, having the ability to make a direct impact such as this is a gift. Phaze Concrete recognizes this. Every day, the company strives to take full advantage of the opportunity. For more information about projects that Phaze Concrete has worked on and for more about their experience, visit their website.

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