Phaze Concrete Heats Up Innovation Through Encouraging Use of Unique Employee Benefits

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When most think of summer, they think of school being out and vacation. Yet, Phaze Concrete employees are still hitting the books through the encouragement of their employer. This company has a plethora of different benefits available to their employees. This summer, though, they’re turning up the heat of encouragement.

Phaze Concrete is utilizing the summer sun and long days to their employee’s advantage. Instead of mandating longer working days, they’re cheering employees on, hoping they follow their dreams.

Unique Employee Benefits

Phaze Concrete has always tried to help their employees feel like what they do is more than just a job. After all, it isn’t just a job to the family who owns the business. So, they strive to take care of their employees, helping them strive for what they want out of life.

That’s where the unique and innovative employee benefits come in. There are many jobs that Phaze Concrete needs to have done. Some of those jobs are manual labor, and some of them demand other specialties. The company has always found value in hiring from within. So, Phaze Concrete devised a plan to help employees aspire to work in the field they want.

Summer School?

One of the main benefits given to employees is the help with obtaining a GED, or an apprenticeship program. Phaze Concrete knows that education is the key to success. So, they urge their employees to go after it. Yet, the benefit doesn’t simply include information about a phone number.

Phaze Concrete takes a genuine, personal interest in employees. They help them every step of the way. The benefit includes providing books and educational materials, to helping schedule their time, so they don’t miss any payments. Phaze Concrete does whatever they can to make achieving a higher education attainable for everyone who works there.

Excelling in the Company

Another benefit that Phaze Concrete offers is an individualized plan for each employee seeking higher education. The plan is based on the goals of the employee. Once the proper educational background is met, the employee can be promoted.

Additionally, it isn’t mandatory that the employee stays with the company. Yet, having a plan that comes to fruition and betters the person’s quality of life is hard to pass up. Therefore, Phaze Concrete has earned a whole host of loyal, lifelong employees.

Phaze Concrete is proud to be one of the few companies that can still provide a lifelong career to employees. The company knows they wouldn’t be successful without their employees. So, they offer as many benefits as possible to ensure employees are happy, secure, and well-taken care of.

To close, Phase Concrete is always trying to think of new ways to encourage their employees. This company understands how difficult it can be to find a good company, who cares about the employee’s wellbeing. That’s why they strive to help their employees reach their goals on a personal level. That’s why Phaze Concrete is putting in an extra effort to help employees take advantage of the benefits they’re offered. This summer, Phaze Concrete wants to see more of its employees following their dreams.

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